LDMB 2014
$20 entry fee
Small or Big Block
(dot-tires) Up to 36
Motor must be same make as the truck.
Cast iron blocks ONLY.
Any size single carb that runs on gas or race fuel
Aluminum heads are fine 
Motor must be in stock location
Must have a working radiator in stock location
No trans-brakes
Air-shifters or Electric-shifters are allowed
Factory spring set-up on rear ( at least 2 on each side)
Coil-overs are allowed
Front axle must be in stock location 
Steel body trucks only ( No Fiberglass)
Lexan or plexiglass is fine
Stock transfer case only
No sliding or floating rearends
Rack and pinion steering is fine
No 3 or 4 links
Non-adjustable Ladder-bars are allowed
You can change tires between runs
You can use a fuel-cell
Must have full beds with tail or air gate
Open headers are allowed
Must have fire extinguisher
Helmets are requried
No NOS !
Rules are subject to change and new rules may apply (however) if a change is made we will give you a month to comply