LDMB 2014
Our interpretation of the rules are what we go by
Age 15 and under must have a parent sign a waiver to race
Only track officials are allowed inside the fence
Track officials will have the final decision on all problems
Do not interrupt the announcer (see track official )
We reserve the right to ask any individual that is causing or provoking trouble to leave immediately without a refund
All drivers need to register at 5pm
All registered trucks must be on the racers side of track
Leaving on a Red Light will disqualify you for that run only
All drivers must wear a seatbelt
You have a 5 mins to get to the line after your name is called
All trucks must have brakes and reverse
NO NOS in any class except in E-mod and Rail classes
All truck at anytime are subject to open hood inspection but only by track official
( if truck owner or driver refuses to open hood for track official they are DQ and will not get their money back )
Only one person allowed in truck while making a pass
No drinking and racing ( you will be told not to run)
Truck (not driver) can only run 2 classes
Same truck can not take 1st and 2nd in same class
Fire extinguishers must be mounted in all trucks
Rules are subject to change and new rules may apply however we will give you a month to comply